Everardo Keeme Photography Launches New Website

Some of you may know this, my degree is actually in Web Design. So why did I hire someone to design my new website?  For pretty much the same reason Mariah said about hiring a professional photographer,

I’m a personal trainer, not a model…That’s his area of expertise, not mine, so I leave that up to a professional photographer!

I am no longer a full-time web designer. I am out of practice when it comes to coding and other technical pieces.  However, I do stay abreast of current designs, which is helpful when I consult clients.  This helps my clients plan which photographs we need to take, which would be stronger to display, etc, etc. I work on photography daily, and Amanda works on websites daily.

I’m a photographer, no longer a web designer … That’s her area of expertise, not mine, so I leave that up to a professional web designer!

Working with a web designer was great! From the initial consultation about what I needed, to working with her along the way, to the final delivery.

Here’s one of the original mockups of the site. I really liked this service because I’m a visual person and needed to see what the site could look like.

So like the old saying goes,

Just because you can, does not mean you should.

So if there is ever a photography need you have, I would love to help. If there is ever a website need you have, I’m sure a designer would be happy to help.

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