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Everardo Keeme Interviewed on Episode 015 – A Photographer Podcast Interview

Listen on Spotify Listen on iTunes Make sure you listen in, as on this podcast, Matt interviews Everardo Keeme, who is a certified professional photographer and also a professional snorer. Everardo got into photography on accident. He was working a corporate j Make sure you listen in, as on this podcast, Matt interviews Everardo Keeme, […]

Debunking Headshot Myths: You Only Need to Update Your Headshots Every Few Years

Everardo Keeme professional headshot in Florida

There are a lot of myths out there about headshots, and without giving any spoilers away, I’m starting a new blog series to debunk them all. First up: you only need to update your headshots every few years. Ha! Try yearly. Does that seem like a bit much? Do you think your headshot from a […]

4 Signs You Need At Your Next Event

Your Success Starts Here

There’s so much that goes into planning an event that the process can really get to be a bit overwhelming. You rented a space, remembered the catering, got the bartender, booked the speakers, DJ, and professional photographer, and decorated the place up to the nines, but one thing that is sometimes forgotten may seem like […]

Everardo Keeme once again named “Mr Pink” by American Cancer Society of Phoenix

The Real Men Wear Pink Campaign is great because breast cancer affects us all: women, men, children, all nationalities and ethnicities. As a man who wears pink, it’s my chance and opportunity to give back to help bring awareness and help others. We all have different reasons for giving back to our communities, and our […]

Google Hates My Small Business

google hates my business

    Yes I’m going to pout here but I’m not throwing a tantrum either. Google Deleted My Business! I recently contacted Google My Business (https://www.google.com/business/ and [email protected]) because I had two duplicate listings for Everardo Keeme Photography (EKP) on Google Maps, here and here. A by-product of already having a listing that someone else had […]

Good Morning Arizona – Getting a Better Headshot with Professional Photographer, Everardo Keeme

professional photographer Everardo Keeme on KTVK Channel 3 Good Morning Arizona talking about how to get a great headshot

Participants: Lina de Florias is the weekend anchor of “Good Morning Arizona” and Everardo Keeme, professional photographer in Phoenix, AZ

8 Benefits to Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Next Corporate Event

profesional event photographer everardo keeme nacs las vegas convention

Hire a Professional Photographer for the Next Big Event Hosting corporate events can be a fun way to treat your employees and do something special for business partners and clients. This is a time to kick back, get out of the day to day schedule, and enjoy the company of the people you’ve built successes […]

Everardo Keeme Speaks At ASMP Phoenix

Everardo Keeme ASMP Phoenix

You should work WITH your competitors Why would you help your competitors? That’s what one person asked me when we talked about working with other photographers in Phoenix. “Because, we are not competitors, we are a community” was my short and sweet answer. Entrepreneur online has a great article about it as well, 5 Reasons You […]

How to prepare for your headshots with Everardo Keeme Photography

How to prepare for your headshots

Here are tips from Adele at The French Method which is next door to our studio So, it’s time to update your headshot? Maybe it’s been too many years since your last one? Or, maybe last time it turned out like a 1992 Glamour Shot, but you used it anyway because you paid good money […]